Ankur Gases, An Industrial Gases Company Founded by Mr. Arun Jain in the year 2000 in the Pink City of India has created its own presence in the special gases industry of Rajasthan. Our products are Gauranteed Against any purity defects. Our Customer Range includes huge genre of MNC's and Govt Navratnas based in and around Rajasthan. 

The principle that we have followed since the begining of this company is to provide the best quality and Quantity to the customer. We provide Gases with purities upto 6.0N. Which are amongst the purest form of gases available in India.

 Amonst our some of the products we provide are Argon(Commercial, Grade -1, UHP and Spectrometer Grade), Nitrogen(Commercial, High Purity Nitrogen, UHP Nitrogen, Research Grade Nitrogen, Liquid Nitrogen), Helium Gas(Commercial Grade, Grade -1 and UHP Grade Helium Gas, Research Grade Helium), Hydrogen Gas(Commercial Hydrogen, Grade - 1, UHP Hydrogen, research Grade Hydrogen), Krypton 5.5, Neon, Xenon to name a few.


Helium Gas Banks